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Marisa has been the absolute best support system and wealth of knowledge with all things health-related! I worked with Marisa leading up to my wedding - and during COVID - and I cannot say enough amazing things about her. She helped me with everything from stress management to weight management to exercise options to knowing more about which foods should be eaten and which should be avoided. She truly is the biggest treat, with a palpable passion for the work she does - I could not recommend her highly enough!

Having Marisa as a health coach has been life changing. She is there to hold me accountable for the goals I set for myself. Marisa is very knowledgeable in all aspects of living a healthy lifestyle, body, mind, and soul. I learned how to change my bad thoughts into good thoughts. I no longer choose to have them. After my experience with Marisa, I feel better than I have in years. I suffer with chronic back pain which I've managed to control with diet, stretching, and a workout routine. I owe her my life and will continue my new lifestyle forever.

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